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Veritas Health Systems Enrolls 9000th Member

Redding, CA.— Veritas Health Systems, an innovative Consumer-Driven health care company that puts consumers in charge of their health care decisions and dollars, today announced the enrollment of the 9000th member under the Veritas CDH Program. Since the inception of the Veritas Health Systems program, 80 employer groups in northern, central and southern California have elected to offer a CDH plan through Veritas Health Systems to their employees. 46 employers have elected the Veritas HRA plan, 27 have elected the Veritas HSA plan and 7 have elected a HRA/HSA choice plan from Veritas Health Systems.

With the Veritas program, employees will now be able to take control of their own health care. Unlike the current HMO and traditional PPO models that manage your care through a defined benefit method, Veritas puts that control in the hands of healthcare consumers through a defined contribution model.

About Veritas Health Systems

Veritas Health Systems, based in Redding, CA is a new Consumer-Driven health program that gives consumers greater involvement their own health care choices. Veritas provides resources to help members manage their healthcare dollars and tools to make wise healthcare decisions. Employers can reduce their current and future health benefit cost trends by utilizing Veritas Health Systems Consumer-Driven health program.

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