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Plan Design

Designing the right plan is critical. Veritas Health Systems can help you design a plan that is flexible and provides the options necessary to meet your employee benefit needs.

Our interactive proposal system will allow you to evaluate how a Consumer-Driven package compares to other available plans. Our system gives a concise analysis of costs and benefits by placing the CDH plan side-by-side with one or more traditional plans. It also delivers an Out-of-Pocket cost comparison for employers and members considering the CDH option.


One of the most important aspects of a successful Consumer-Driven Health Plan is education. Once the decision has been made to offer a Consumer-Driven Health Plan we begin a pre-enrollment educational campaign. Informational newsletters are available for distribution to employees. A pre-enrollment website is activated, giving employees access to our CDH Learning Center, Plan Benefits Information, Out-of-Pocket cost comparison calculator and an opportunity to demo member health web tools. We also provide a state-of-the-art CDH educational DVD*.


Education does not stop once the member is enrolled, in fact, it just begins! Veritas connects the member to all of the available resources and tools of their plan. Our member website connects plan benefit information, member health accounts and consumer health tools - all the core pieces of a true Consumer-Driven health care offering.


As a licensed, full-service Third Party Administrator, we are committed to maintaining excellence and flexibility in the developing CDH marketplace. Our accounting, billing, reporting and eligibility systems were designed and created specifically to support the unique administrative demands of a consumer-driven health plan.

*DVD included for HSA plan members only