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Choose from a wide range of HSA compatible high-deductible health plans from major carriers, add a Health Savings Account and our True-Consumer Health Tools and you have a winning combination that will help stabilize your costs for years to come. HSA contributions can be made by the employer, employee or both and can grow tax-free from year to year.* For a closer look at how an HSA based plan can work for you, see our HSA Fast Facts.


Do you want more control of your employee health benefit dollars? A Health Reimbursement Arrangement is employer designed and funded, and it can be as limited or unlimited in scope as you desire. An HRA can allow for unused funds to roll over from year to year, can be used to supplement other benefits and does not have to be fully funded.


You can design a stand alone or supplemental Section 125 Flexible Spending Account. Many of your clients may have an existing FSA plan and may wish to move to an HRA or HSA compatible plan. Veritas can show you how these plans can work together and provide seamless administration of your overall employee health benefits offering.

*Some states do not follow federal guidelines, verify your state here.