Employer Information and Resources  - Implementation


The key to a smooth implementation is member education. Providing information to your employees prior to enrollment is a must. All potential members will have access to the My Veritas Health member website pre-enrollment area. They will be able to view plan options and benefits and make out-of-pocket cost comparisons between plans. Veritas will also provide at least two educational newsletters that can be distributed to your employees prior to enrollment meetings.


The final step of the implementation process is enrollment. Veritas enrollment kits include information members need to make sound decisions. Representatives are available to explain the Consumer-Driven plan option and answer any employee questions. Our member care team is equipped to give assistance in understanding the details of the high deductible plan as well.

For those locations and employee where an enrollment meeting is not feasible, Veritas will perform as many live, toll-free webcasts as needed so that every member can see, hear and ask questions about the Consumer-Driven plan option.

Member DVD

After enrollment, each VeritasHSA member will receive a customized welcome kit with additional materials for their plan. The DVD explains how to use their consumer-driven health plan in real life. Please contact us to request a copy of the member DVD for your review.