Employer Information and Resources  - Administration


Veritas Health Systems is a licensed, Third Party Administrator. Our integrated, full-service approach to Consumer-Directed health care administration will provide security and peace of mind for you and your clients. We offer…

  • Certified, Flexible Benefit Administrative Services
  • Expert, Consumer-Driven Health Member Care services
  • 24/7 online access to Account Balances and History
  • HSA electronic fund transfers to a personal checking account
  • HSA investment management options
  • Tracking of excess HSA contributions
  • Health Care Decision Tools
  • HSA Advance funding options
  • HRA Plan Document preparation
  • Standard and custom group-level reporting
  • Coordination of HSA, HRA and FSA benefit administration in a single plan
  • Online Enrollment option

Veritas HSA High interest with easy to use web based banking, featuring "Patent-Pending" HSA Today claims-vault software, a perfect tool for tracking HSA usage. For the non-web users, reimbursements can be made via phone, fax or Debt card. The Veritas HSA Advance feature takes the sting out of the early-in-the-year employee medical expenses. Employer reports. And best of all. real customer service to handle all of your members' HSA questions.

Veritas HRA Be certain it's done right. We create custom legal documentation including a Plan Document, a Summary Plan Description and an Adoption agreement. Additional features include a Debit card, 24/7 online access for both employees and HR to view balances, useful utilization reporting, and best of all, real customer service to handle all of your members' HRA questions.

Veritas FSA It sure makes sense to have all your client's accounts under one roof. One place for you, your client and members to get the answers they need. Change carriers as often as you like but keep getting the same great Veritas customer service.