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Who We Are

Veritas Health Systems was founded in 2002 with the purpose of creating an innovative, high-quality and flexible Consumer-Driven health program to protect and reward employees while helping employers stabilize the increasing cost of health benefits.

The principals of Veritas took their decades of group health experience and designed solutions that powerfully integrate all of the core pieces of a Consumer-Driven Health (CDH) care plan.

What We Do

Quite simply, we make your job easier. We give you and your employees constant access to a full line of services which include all aspects of Plan Design, Implementation, Connection and Administration. With Veritas Health Systems as your partner you can relax, knowing that your Consumer-Driven Health plan is done right.

Our value is measured by the overall satisfaction that you and your employees will experience through our full-service, integrated approach. We excel at Consumer-Driven Health, because that’s all we do!